The Gobindgarh Fort, the very symbol of Punjab, the iconic protector of Amritsar is situated right in the centre of the Holy City along the Grand Trunk road spanning across 43 acres of land. This magnificent heritage site has a history of its own, spread across a period of over 257 years, right from the times of the Bhangi Misl-Maharaja Ranjit Singh-The East India Company-the Indian Army. This Qila has finally opened its gates for the very first to welcome not only the people of Punjab but also the devotees and tourists that come here to pay their respects to Shri Harminder Sahib. At one time the world famous Kohinoor diamond was housed within the Qila. The fort is now being restored in a phased manner to not just ​revive the iconic monument but also to become a world-class cultural hub. Within the fort are amazing buildings, built across different spans​ of time, some during the Maharaja’s reign with Sikh influence, such as the Toshakhana, KhasMahal, some with French and Italian influence like the ​Bastions, the ​Moats​, and many built during the East India Company's time like the Darbar Hall. ​The Qila is the first in history to use cutting-edge technology to entice, enlighten, educate, enthral and inspire. people with stories of the rich heritage of Punjab. ​A 7D show based on the life of Maharaja Ranjit Singh transports you back to the 19th century in an immersive way and the world-class projection mapping show Whispering walls draws spontaneous applause from the audiences. It has become a MUST SEE destination in Punjab.

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